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Recklessly Gentle

First Love.

I catch myself randomly thinking about you. Even though I hate what you did to me, and you pretty much made me who I am now, I still miss you sometimes. You were the first to make me feel alive. And no matter how much I hate you, I couldn’t ever forget about you.

Question Hi, I miss you. (: hahah you still have to sing that song for me. <3 kbye.

I miss you too! Can you remind me what song it was again? I’ll learn it on guitar!

Question Hm, memory lane(: I miss those days. Even when you use to call me a little girl cause of my voice. Jerk. Haha jk. Maybe sometime soon I'll randomly call you..or you can call me ahem* (; I miss your voice. Just saying.

You should call me.

Question I miss you :3 I forgot to write you another message. Oops.

I miss you too. Actually, I was just thinking about our phone convos from the past. Wow, memory lane.

Question Whats this about a SINGLE Dennis, lol?

Yes, I’ve been single for a very, very, very long time.

Probably will still be alone for a very, very, very long time too.

Question Have you ever been in love?

I’ve been in love. It’s an amazing feeling. But the end feels like death. And it leaves a scar. A really big scar.